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3 old timer Ibotta-Kroger McSTACKsky's

Deal Expert


I think I had at least 3 Ibotta-Kroger McSTACKsky's back in the winter and spring for Dorot Gardens. The KCB for this one should kick in Thursday 


the other 2 items got me INSTANT KCB after I did so for both of them just this past Sunday 


I wasn't counting on getting Ibotta cash back for the Tate's bake house cookies because the first time I chased the Ibotta-Kroger McSTACKsky for it I bought some variety other than chocolate chip and didn't get credit from Ibotta, so of course I wrote Ibotta care and got a very vague, half-@$$€∆ explanation. This was a variety other than chocolate (I think it was butter crunch) and I found it in the closeout shelf marked down to $2.49 (these mofers are 6+ buckaroos at regular price). To my utter pleasant surprise I got Ibotta cash back for it AND KCB so my OOP for it should be just over a half buckaroo