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4 Free Method Cleaner - Wags - YMMV

Super Saver

There is a SB/CO51 stack on Method cleaners... 300 SB WYB2 (limit 2x) and $1.07 (limit 5) respectively.

🔍 BOLO at Wags for a clearance price of $1.29 each, YMMV.  My store was unmarked, but I had them price-check the Eucalyptus Mint, and it rang up $1.29!  I grabbed the remaining 3 Eucalyptus and 1 Grapefruit, and I assumed the Grapefruit would also be clearance (it was not).  My deal ended up as:

3 @ $1.29 + 1 @ $4.29 = $8.16 - $6 SB - $4.28 CO51 = $2.12 MM

Still a MM for me, and it helped me get to my booster threshold.  Both apps were instant payouts.


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Re: 4 Free Method Cleaner - Wags - YMMV

Rewards Advocate

I didn't find these at my nearest store.

I did find a lot of clearance in the skin care section. Will post that separately.