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Alba Acne Body/Face Scrub (Target - IR and Brandclub and Target Circle offer)

Skilled Saver

This is for those of you that use Brandclub. NOTE: you will need to either first purchase an Alba product and have already linked your account so that you can fill out one of the surveys (however, as soon as you purchase one and sync your account, the surveys will be available for you and they are literally like 1 minute commitments, but note it will not credit until your NEXT purchase).  (If you don't yet use brandclub, I found it annoying at first but now love it and the $$ is coming through much quicker - for me only really at Target and Amazon, and Chewey, since I don't make it to Walmart that often)

Reg price for Salicic acid body/face scrub (think it's called Acnedote, but is a great body scrub):  $6.19.  Clip 15% off target circle offer, $2IR, $3 brand club (1minute) survey - 0.33 brandclub purchase rebate = free.   I've done it several more times since then with lower rebate levels ($2.75 rebate, then $2.25 rebate, etc.)

(I actually really like this product for a body scrub and have been on the hunt to get my $25 lucky strike and $10 tailgate bonus and am now only getting things I can use up asap or can donate)


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