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Re: all laundry detergent - MM

Super Saver


I just got happy and kept scanning until I was through with this months receipts so far. Thanks for the info. 


Re: all laundry detergent - MM

Deal Master


BTW congrats on that monster haul.  I know it is a lot, but if you get bored u should take a pic.  That is one for the IHOF (IBOTTA  HALL OF FAME)

“2022 New Year's Resolution: It’s time for me to be doing what I have been doing and that time is every day .”

Re: all laundry detergent - MM

Deal Sharer

I only had .75 on Ibotta, and it only reset for me once. However, that Field Agent job repeats twice, so I've got one more I can grab.

I'm just waiting for some Revlon offers to hopefully reset in Ibotta first. I've been finding clearance makeup on the site that's available in store and ordering pickup because apparently they won't price match online clearance, even though... I could just order pickup, which is what I did. Seems like a waste of the picker's time, but meh?

$24 worth of free makeup (only considering the clearance price! It was ten items), two detergents, $15 of random free groceries (another Field Agent job), and all of the Thanksgiving stuff (minus a turkey because I have no more friends to pester), all in the last two weeks from Walmart alone. Not too shabby!