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Amount pending

Deal Sharer

Hi. I need help please to complete my weekend warrior bonus before the time is up. I still have an amount pending in my account and if you can help me please I would really appreciated it. Thanks

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Re: Amount pending

Super Saver


First off, you have to wait 48hrs before sending in a ticket. When you do the ticket,  state clearly: name of the store,  date of purchase and date you scanned the receipt (if it's different from the purchase date), a list of every offer you have checked off in Ibotta and bought,  include each quantity and the rebate amount you expect,  any and ALL BONUSES, including their amounts that are affected by this pending receipt.  When you get the email saying they got your report and they want you to read old faqs,  say no and reply to the email saying here's a copy of the receipt and the front of each offer and the corresponding barcodes. I have found that if you give them every possible needed information,  the response seems to go faster and in your favor. 

Hope this helps.  BTW, the first request may get the receipt moved from pending and the email may just be a "I fixed it" email and you won't need to add all those pictures. Let's hope the Care Team will respond quickly and get it accepted. I've had both outcomes. I always plan for the worst but hope for the best...Just don't wait.