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Bandaid/Neosporin offer at Kroger

Super Saver

At Kroger and it’s affiliates until May 31

whrn you spend $10 on Bandaid and/or Neosporin products, it will print a Catalina at the register for $4 of your next order.

I did this tonight. I bought 1 box of 100 assorted Bandaids for 6.99 and 1 box of 30 same size for 2.99. That was 9.98 and i wasn’t willing to risk it not working, so I bought another 30 count box for 2.99. There is also an Ibotta offer for .50 each,  limit is 3 boxes. So I spent 12.97, got 1.50 back from Ibotta and a $4 Catalina to use on my next trip to Kroger this weekend. And I now have 160 bandaids.

I did not need any more Neosporin as I already had 3 unopened tubes in my  bathroom  closet. Lol