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Be Careful on Offers

Rewards Hunter

I love ibotta, but sometimes you have to be careful. Yesterday, I went for the Dublin bonus (needed 16 offers but did 18 just in case). I went though it painstakingly — went through beforehand, verify size/quantity, read every instruction (sometimes there’s restriction on kind, then logged back in to see if any didn’t take due to bad internet, then I added the specific items with specific quantities, type, etc. then I went through and reviewed again. Went all over the store to gather the items, and then before I checked out, post-scanned every item to make sure it’s correct before checking out.

I ended up not getting 5 of 18 offers and missing out on the Dublin offer plus another bonus, so that trip I actually paid $33 more than planned on this trip 😞

I really haven’t gotten responses yet, but I was hoping that someone might know why and how to fix it. I had chickens and was also worried if I retuned items, I would get stripped of all other Stocks Akers 

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Re: Be Careful on Offers


This exact same thing happened to me with a bonus. A couple things I learned... always reach out to Ibotta help team and make them aware. Also it must be all unique offers meaning you can’t buy 3 of one item. It will still only count as 1 item towards your bonus. If you are doing it online with a linked account you may need to unlink your account & relink it. Also, not sure if “any item” items count toward the bonus. Hope that helps. 

Re: Be Careful on Offers

Ultimate Saver

Sometimes, the Ibotta app doesn't catch everything.  I would first check if the offers still exist.  If they do, try submitting your receipt again.

If it still doesn't find everything, I would submit a request.  Be sure to include a copy of your receipt, pictures of each product and UPC code.  Explain that you scanned everything before purchase.  Ibotta Care is very understanding and should give you credit.  Also mention the Dublin bonus.

I usually scan my receipt in the store or the parking lot to prevent these problems.


Re: Be Careful on Offers


To be honest, it never happened to me; however, the first thing I do, when I know the item is in my lists, I go ahead and scan the bar code first before putting it in my cart. I know it sounds tedious, I spend 1-2 hours at a store, mainly at Target, since it's a prominent place. So, my methodology is to scan the item and make sure it matches so I can move on to the next one, and that way, I don't have to worry when I'm at the register to pat for all items because I know it's in the bonuses. I can do everything when I'm outside the store, in my car, at home to scan my receipt and matches the items. It's a lot easier for me. If you don't get an answer Today, contact the ibotta team customer service. They're always good at responding and knowledgeable about issues like this. 

Good luck my dear!

Re: Be Careful on Offers


@Kief234 @Partridge0309    Any item offers including sweepstakes entries count towards you bonus.

Multiple redemptions of an offer only count as 1

if multiple items are required to redeem - you must scan them all in and it will count as 1 offer. 

Hope this helps.
Happy shopping 🛒