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Best 1st 5 deals for a new month

Super Saver







After staying home all day Saturday because I had no on call pick up and delivery job to do and because I forgot April isn't a 31-day month so I didn't have a chance to get the last 6-10 deals I needed for my first Level 4 Bonus l would have gotten since October, I drew 1 pick up and delivery order so I decided to chase at least 1 item that carried an Ibotta-Kroger cash back double play, a 6-pack of Chobani probiotic yogurt smoothies. For some reason since the past Thursday neither of the 2 Krogers I went to carried the Chobani probiotic smoothies and neither did the first Kroger I went to today. However it had another Ibotta-Kroger cash back double play item I had a hard time finding the last 2 week, a four pack of OWYN shakes which carried cash back of $3 apiece from both Kroger and Ibotta, so I pounced on it

Then I went to Sprouts after finding that the Flow collagen water FAO was still on till Tuesday