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Re: BIC 10 pk Revolution Ballpoint Pens Free at Target

Ultimate Saver

My Target finally had more of these Bic ReVolution pens in stock, so I tried to get another package using the digital coupon at before it expires tomorrow.

For some reason, the app would not take the UPC for the item, so I opened a CHAT with them.  They came back and said that because the coupon was a greater value than the purchase price, they would not honor it.  They also said that it clearly states: "Consumer pays sales tax and will not receive cash or credit if coupon value exceeds selling price."

Yes, it does state this, but they have always paid the face value of the coupon in the past.  I did notice another Bic offer that had the same wording, but other coupons do not have this wording.

I want to apologize to anyone who tried to submit this offer to  I did not read the fine print.  Hopefully, you were not inconvenienced by my misinformation.

Re: BIC 10 pk Revolution Ballpoint Pens Free at Target

Deal Master

@mmoore01  Thanks for the heads-up, but don't feel responsible.  I think it comes down to whoever reviews your submission at CDC.  I've had no luck with using TC discounts and getting refunds, so I don't count on it.   We appreciate your input.  We share deals (and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't).