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Super Saver

I finished the FF and my February  level 4 bonus today. Did 29 unique offers.

most notable was Kashi Go Cereal - on clearance for .85 with a .50 Ibotta Rebate = .35

got all 4 core bars for 4 different offers.

bought more Cheerios for BtFe and my school.


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Re: Bonuses

Deal Sharer

Hi does anyone know why my pending purchase does not show up as being processed in account history? I bought 4 qualifying different products from Wegmans and I went to redeem receipt, scanned receipt, scanned the 4 barcodes successfully but my purchase does not show up in my account any where? I realize it takes time for Ibotta to review and approve some receipts but it should show as pending like all the other receipts.