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Brandclub App

Shopping Enthusiast

Has anyone tried the Brandclub App?  Recently, there have been quite a few social media posts of hauls mentioning Brandclub app rebates for engaging with brands while shopping.

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Re: Brandclub App

Deal Ambassador

Never heard of it. Their reward payout terms are…

Each Member will have a unique balance of locked and unlocked Rewards. This will be visible on the Member Account on the Rewards activity page. In the Cash Out Rewards section of the Member Account, there will be a condensed summary for every Member that details the Member’s total unlocked Rewards and corresponding value. Selecting Cash Out will allow the Member to redeem the unlocked Rewards and receive up to the full corresponding cash amount (less Paypal/Venmo transaction fee) deposited to the Member’s Paypal or Venmo account.

All unlocked rewards are eligible to be cashed out through Venmo or Paypal. The user will need to ensure its profile is fully completed and provide the email or phone number associated with their Venmo or Paypal account. The cash rewards will be transferred to the users Venmo or Paypal account within four (4) to six (6) business days. The minimum and maximum amount a member may cash out at one time will be determined at the discretion of Brand Club.

Members may not redeem Rewards for cash unless expressly stated. Brand Club reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the value of Rewards that have not already been earned and unlocked or to discontinue the Rewards Program at any time.

Any Rewards (including locked and unlocked Rewards) held in a Member Account will expire after one year (365 days) from the date the Rewards are added to the Member Account.


Re: Brandclub App

Super Saver

I just joined this week and am still learning. I am up to almost $30 and I haven’t bought anything yet.


Re: Brandclub App

Skilled Saver

Thanks for the heads up on this new app. I checked it out but it appears it's only available for iphone right now. Apparently, they're working on it, though, as android users can look it up in the playstore and pre-register for automatic download when it becomes available.

Screenshot_20220212-104845_Google Play Store.jpg