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Cacique queso

Deal Expert


🆒 Beans! The first time I tried to get an Ibotta-Kroger McSTACKsky with Cacique queso, most likely 2+ weekends ago, I bought the salsa picante variety and almost came away empty handed.  When I scanned my receipt it didn't get credited, I had to file a ticket for it, and I don't remember ever getting confirmation that I got Kroger cash back for it. Maybe the following Monday I got no offer credit from Ibotta for it but got a consolation buckaroo, which was what I expected in the first place 

Next time I chased the McSTACKsky I bought the jalapeno one, I got Ibotta offer credit/cash back and Kroger cash back without a hitch 

Today I bought a jalapeno AND salsa picante Cacique quesos - a little overkill today; after scanning my receipt with Ibotta, after a short pending status I found every offer I claimed - 3 - went through and got $2 for both quesos (1 buckaroo cash back apiece). If I get what I'm expecting from Kroger cash back ($2) for the 2 Cacique quesos, I'd get $4 total cash back for spending more or less 8 buckaroos