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Cash back earned > $ spent at Kroger

Deal Expert




After time challenges and unavailabilitwy challenges, i.e., FAO items, after buying 2 different flavored varieties of a drink - Roar - I hitherto never heard of at The Fresh Market for Ibotta cash back I only needed THREE offers to get a double play of the MW2M AND the Seeing Green Bonuses, so I went to my go-to place, Kroger, and got 3 relatively cheap items. One of those, Justin's nut butter cups,had a small Kroger cashback amount of 75¢ for 2 items, and it was the same deal with Kroger

At the end of the day, after spending $10 total, I earned $2.25 in base cash back, a quarter for completing the Almond Breeze refrigerated milk brand bonus, $1 for my MW2M and $10 for my Seeing Green Bonuses