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Re: CHECK YOUR TARGET APP $5/$25 OR $10/$50 -Varies by account

Deal Master

@TXbelle   I'll edit the original post - saying not all accounts have it.   Sorry you (and others didn't get it).  It's like an Ibotta freebie - we don't all get them either. 


Re: CHECK YOUR TARGET APP $5/$25 OR $10/$50 (Varies by account)

Deal Ambassador

Thanks, @FelskyNY! Yes, I was going to place an order online for store pickup - just have it ready. Luckily, I didn’t need to because I was able to find it at my WM, along with the Lala smoothie!
I was also able to complete my WW and get other bonuses, so it was a very satisfying haul. I also cashed in my earnings to get a WM gift card to cover the entire purchase, so I’m feeling like a champ!