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Compeed Blister Care Free plus $2MM at CVS

Rewards Advocate

These are $11.99 and BOGO half-off this week.

Buy 2 different 9ct for $17.99 and use 2 $5 coupons from Sunday paper 2 weeks ago.

Pay $7.99, then redeem 2 different Ibotta rebates to get $10 back.

My store wasn’t tagged. I had trouble scanning at the red box so the manager scanned for me and told me about the sale.

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Re: Compeed Blister Care Free plus $2MM at CVS

Deal Master

@Nique  Although they sell Compeed, the coupon inserts appear to be regional, and mine doesn't include this coupon.  Definitely stock up while the price is right!

Re: Compeed Blister Care Free plus $2MM at CVS

Core Shopper

@FelskyNY  I didn’t realize these coupons were regional, and as such I’m shocked that I actually received them. It’s getting ridiculous the number of coupons that have become regional, and my area never seems to be included. I often wonder where these lucky regions are that receive all these coupons 😀 We stopped getting the tide, gain, downy etc ages ago, but there’s no dove, nexxus, schick, bic, no unilever inserts, and the list goes on. Just recently we stopped getting covergirl coupons which shocked me. I always had a stack of those, and could always get free/MM deals at CVS. The Save insert is laughable! 

Re: Compeed Blister Care Free plus $2MM at CVS

Deal Master

I have both the $4.00 and $5.00 coupons for Compeed products, but they are for different items.  Yes, there are four different Ibotta rebates, each $5.00.  The problem is matching the specific deals at CVS.

One coupon is good for one of two items at $11.99, but you get the second one half off.  The other coupon is for one of two at $9.99 each, but you get $5 Extra Bucks.

By the way, buying two of the $9.99 items with the $5.00 Extrabucks is the better deal if you have two $4.00 coupons.  You end up with a $3 moneymaker verses the $2 moneymaker on the more expensive items.  But if you have two sets of coupons, you can get all 4 for a $5 moneymaker. 

By the way, the coupons were in the July 11, 2021 SAVE coupon circular.