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Re: Completing Customer Surveys - do you do it ?

Shopping Enthusiast

My motivation for completing customer satisfaction surveys. 

  • Good customer service
  • Bad customer service 
  • Incentives (points, meals, gas)
  • Product reviews 
  • My dining experiences 

My top 5 stores for completing customer  satisfaction are the following

  • Chick-fil-a 
  • Kroger's
  • Walgreens
  • Auto Zone
  • Restaurants 

Some employees do great jobs especially when I'm searching the aisles at Walmart and an employee stops what they are doing and asks can they help me find something. I make sure to mention that employee by name.. when I have a negative encounter with an employee unless their mood elevator is at an extreme level then I'll mention them by name.

On the rare occasion when the situation requires I'll send an email describing the occasion and including my contact information. 

I like dining out at places other than the BMW (Burger King, McDonald's, and Wendy's) joints. I'm a frequent contributor on Google places.  I write reviews on my entire dining experience starting from the time of arrival to departure. I always include photos and names of great servers and of those whom should seek employment in different career field..  

I believe the best advertisement is word of mouth, it happens here everyday in the forums.  The corporations that appreciate their stakeholders will address customer concern to improve customer satisfaction.. 


Seasons change, gray skies will turn blue.

Re: Completing Customer Surveys - do you do it ?

Deal Ambassador

@FelskyNY  What a great topic - thank you!

I often fill out register surveys, especially when there are some incentives, like free stuff and extra points involved. I always try to provide both positive and negative feedback. As others pointed out , I also try to get the employees’ names who went the extra mile for me. They so deserve the recognition! 
My local CVS always sends an acknowledgment from their manager thanking me for my feedback. I appreciate that and it’s good to know that someone is actually reading the reviews. 
Last but certainly not least, I also want to send my kudos to @LaraL - she is AWESOME!  Hope Mr. Bryan Leach knows that she helps this community going like a well-oiled machine!

Re: Completing Customer Surveys - do you do it ?

Deal Master

@Xiao   Funny, I never knew Bryan Leach was the CEO of Ibotta, but being huge Ranger fans, I do know that Bryan Leetch was one of the greatest defenseman's ever.

I just felt good leaving the Target feedback and heard back from them already, thanking me for my feedback and including the names of the 2 individuals I mentioned in my survey.  I feel good about doing it - without any additional incentive needed (although a free offer is always nice). I hope my comments were passed onto them.  I'm sure I'll see them again in the next few days. 

Re: Completing Customer Surveys - do you do it ?

Skilled Saver

I was sending items from Fed Ex last week and the manager happened to check me out and he said that if they receive positive feedback from the link at the bottom of the client receipt, that he can authorize a pizza lunch for the employees.  I thought that was cool.

Re: Completing Customer Surveys - do you do it ?

Deal Master

I only do  'real' service / product based surveys for extremely excellent or extremely poor exeriences.

I sometimes submit positive feedback at Taco Bell when the store needs it, cuz my son used to work there.

I do surveys for Kroger 4 or 5 times a month (once every 7 days) and earn up to $1  off a gallon of gas to fill up my tank once a month, and 20¢ to 25¢ of that is earned by surveys

I do surveys for MaDonads because you earn a free drink for doing so

I do surveys for Zaxbys to earn a BOGOF meal

“about me: Suburbs of Indianapolis Indiana. BOILER UP!! Favorite stores: Kroger & Meijer"

Re: Completing Customer Surveys - do you do it ?

Skilled Saver

Similar to others I’ll seek a way to provide feedback good or bad when warranted regardless of a survey on my receipt or not. There are almost always places on the site to submit feedback. The store doing something nice for the employee based on positive feedback is a good incentive, just putting my note and the picture of the employee on the wall isn’t really that great, which is what HT did once. Doesn’t make me want to go out of my way because I don’t think the employee really benefits. 

Also completely agree about Lara of course!