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CVS Deals

Super Saver

Nivea Lip Care dual pack - 3.50 less 2 coupon = .75  each stick

Renuzit - .89 less Buy 4 get 2 free coupon less 1/3 Ibotta = .42 each

All Might PAC - 19 ct - 2.99 less 2 coupon = .99

Vaseline Intensive Lotion - 20.3 oz - 7.99 each less two 2 coupons less 3.50 CVS coupon less 4 EB = 2.24 each

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Re: CVS Deals

Rewards Guide

I’m a big CVS’er too! I also saw and did this deal: 


Re: CVS Deals

Deal Master

@elamb88  I did the Siren snacks at Target and gave those babies away - even the people I gave them to didn't like them, but free is free and it counted as an offer.  In the future, I'll donate them.  Still haven't looked over my CVS offers - hope to eventually.