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Double dipped on offers at Walmart

Core Shopper



 last night bought the all clean and care. It counted towards 2 offers plus the all bonus so $6 total back on it. Today 3 items the mooala milk counted towards 2 offers when you buy 2. So ended up paying about $1 for each container. The dial body wash clean and gentle variety only counts towards 2 offers. Final price $1.49. Also the scotties double dip is back pat only 46 cents for 2 boxes. Woohoo. Also grabbed the bic flex razors used paper coupon plus ibotta cash back. Could only get 2 but 41 cents for 2 packs of razors ain't bad. Great shopping today. 

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Re: Double dipped on offers at Walmart

Super Saver

WOW Surprised to see that Skippy Squeeze stayed in your gallery that long!

Mine was available for about 20 minutes.

Re: Double dipped on offers at Walmart

Rewards Advocate


I finished my midweek tonight at Walmart.

I was planning to do the all detergent but the shelf was empty.

I did the Scotties deal - mine were .37 each for 2

The core bars also triggered 2 offers. I bought 2 cherry choc and it triggered buy 2 cherry (2.24) and buy 1 any variety (1.12) So my final cost was .56 each.

I can’t find the new dial at my store.