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Dr. Praeger's Ibotta + Fetch Deals


There are a few offers on Dr. Praeger's items in Ibotta ($1.50 back each) that stack with Fetch (900-1500pts). The stackable ones are Sliders (Whole Foods), Veggie Burgers (Walmart), Littles (Target) and Perfect Burgers (Target), but there are other items in Ibotta only. 6 days left for Fetch, and each can be redeemed twice there, three per receipt in Ibotta.

Visited Target yesterday. On top of Ibotta and Fetch, I found the Perfect Burgers were 50 cents off, Veggie Burgers were $1 off (but no Ibotta), plus there's 25% off in Circle for the Littles. Pretty good deals if you're a fan of trying out all the vegan and vegetarian items these apps like to throw at us!

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Re: Dr. Praeger's Ibotta + Fetch Deals


Great deal! My kiddos had the broccoli ones for dinner tonight. They love them!!