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Dropped πŸ”¨ for boffo profit at Kroger! πŸ€‘πŸŽ‡

Deal Expert



been SOOOOOO salivating for this but it finally came earlier today late in the afternoon, and - horror of horrors! - when I first got to the register I found I FORGOT to claim the Ibotta deal for the Phocus 4-pack, for which I eventually scored a triple play McSTACKsky





to make matters worse, my phone was perilously low on juice but I had the foresight to bring my AC adapter and phone charger, so I abandoned my place at the register & marched over to an outlet so I could make sure I claimed the Phocus 4-pack.

fast forward to post checkout then scanning my receipt - had to wait a bit from checking out to scanning the receipt to final payoff. as initially annoying as pending statuses often are, the longer the wait the sweeter the final payoff