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E-Gift Cards ft. Ibotta Tips thread

Deal Sharer

I thought it would be fun to have a tip thread for e-gift card stacking.

I had a mystery amount clearance coupon from Kohl's this morning for 30% off clearance.

Ibotta didn't give me any tier bonuses this month, but ordinarily I get:

* One offer redemption point for purchasing a gift card

* One offer redemption point for making an online purchase with Ibotta.

Now online shopping with Ibotta is tricky because use of gift cards and coupons can negate your rebate. But when it's small percentage rebates like Kohl's, I don't sweat it.

You can purchase a Kohl's gift card for, say, $10, and be assured a rebate on the rest. Unless it's a blackout coupon code. But this hasn't happened to me often. According to Ibotta, it's up to the retailer, not Ibotta.

You *still* get your redemption points. And can even use your Ibotta balance towards the purchase of the gift cards.

I LOVE this. It has accelerated my store-based rewards at Kohls, Ulta, Macys and more. And it's painless.

Caveats. Returns are paid in store credit or gift card if you used a gift card. You can be excited to have a rebate when you use a gift card, but see it reversed in audit (that's happened to me at Rakuten.)

When in doubt, go with the highest rebate. If you get 5% back on a gift card, but only 1% back to shop online, get the gift card. Vice versa, consider skipping the gift card.

Today's stacked deal: Turkish robe, multifunction French press and 2 season coat, $82 after $10 in rewards and coupon. I earned $10 Kohls cash and $4 in rewards.

Have fun with the gift cards! Feel free to post, and I will add more as Black Friday approaches.

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Re: E-Gift Cards ft. Ibotta Tips thread

Rewards Whiz

If you are buying your gift cards from Ibotta and using them to PAY for your purchase, you will not loose your Ibotta earnings on that transaction.

However, if you BUY a gift card from Kohl's as part of your purchase, you could loose your Ibotta earnings for that transaction.

Re: E-Gift Cards ft. Ibotta Tips thread

Deal Sharer

I tried to clarify this point multiple times through Ibotta. My understanding is

No, you won't get a rebate if you purchase a gift card through the vendor on the gift card amount. That is true of any rebate app.

But when you redeem a gift card? Certain retailers, like Lands End, definitely put their foot down. You won't get a rebate if you *redeem* a gift card. Probably to prevent stacking 🧐.

It appears to be up to the retailer. 

I was very confused by Ibotta staff responses and ultimately end up scrutinizing the individual retailer terms.