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Favorite Deal-Stacking Apps

Rewards Hunter

I love iBotta and it is my 1st place that I look for rebates My 2nd place is (although I am less of a paper coupon user). Of course I use e-coupons from the store apps.

What other apps do you find worth the trouble of using for stacking?

Happy Thanksgiving!




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Re: Favorite Deal-Stacking Apps

Deal Master

@GeekMommy  I use Shopkick, Swagbucks, Fetch, CoinOut and a little Checkout 51.  If you read through some of the deals I post - you'll see how I stack them.  Any questions - don't hesitate to ask.

Re: Favorite Deal-Stacking Apps

Rewards Hunter

I use coinout, makeena and Fetch.

Re: Favorite Deal-Stacking Apps


All except checkout 51 I use and love!! 

Re: Favorite Deal-Stacking Apps

Super Saver

I agree that ibotta is my fave and most lucrative! Here are a few others I use that you did not mention:

1) Fetch Rewards

2) CoinOut

3) CheckOut51

4) Receipt Hog

Re: Favorite Deal-Stacking Apps

Skilled Saver

I'm new to SwagBucks and starting to get into it!

Re: Favorite Deal-Stacking Apps

Core Shopper

i really like checkout 51 bc it automatically puts it in my paypal however there are less offers i want to redeem on it typically 

Re: Favorite Deal-Stacking Apps

Core Shopper

Field Agent: while field agent is not technically a coupon app it does offer money back on buying and trying products as well as small odd jobs in stores youre probably already in for couponing 

I just got a buy and try for apple cider vinegar gummies that were $24 for free plus $3 for my time 

heres the link if anyone is interested


also i know everyone has their own payment method but I ALWAYS use my credit card for travel points/cash back and pay it every single pay day so i dont have an outstanding balance 

Re: Favorite Deal-Stacking Apps

Rewards Hunter

Kroger app, cash back offers, typically are the same ones available on ibotta, so u can double the rebates 

Re: Favorite Deal-Stacking Apps

Deal Expert

@megla been on Checkout51 for almost a year and half, a real roller coaster ride. It first took me maybe 3 weeks to buy in then I went ape, I bought as much Ocean's Halo items as possible and made some nice coin - I've made over $500 lifetime and I'm currently SITTING on $120+ available for withdrawal 

Since ending their Ocean's Halo deals in mid or late February LY, Checkout51, to make a long story short, has taken long term residence in the lower third of my cash back app totem pole. 

Thought they turned the corner the 2nd Saturday last month. Using a $25 Get Upside e-gift card, I went to town with it and I believe I made a small profit in total cash back. I probably made $10 alone on Checkout51 and maybe $4 was a Checkout51-Ibotta intersection.

However, after Wednesday, end of Checkout51's offer period, Checkout51 started going rogue again. Instead of $1 APIECE for 5 maximum purchases of Good Thins, and ditto for a select group of Nabisco/Mondelez Global crackers and cookies, Checkout51 started requiring TWO unit purchases of Good Thins for ONE FREAKIN' BUCKAROO, and ditto with the Nabisco Mondelez Global club.  Okayyyy, but I sure as heck prefer $1/unit cash back

Even worse, Checkout51 went from paying $2 a unit for select Atkins snacks and shakes to requiring the purchase of 2 of the SAME UNITS - suckers are 5+ buckaroos a unit - in a single transaction for a whoppin' 75 centaroos total cash back