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Fetch and Ibotta stacking

Deal Sharer

Is there a website that will tell you all the matching rewards for both apps 

Jesse Carroll
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Re: Fetch and Ibotta stacking

Rewards Hunter

I'd like to know that myself!


Re: Fetch and Ibotta stacking

Deal Master

It's pretty much just checking back and forth. New offers pop up on both every day.  We all try to share the best ones as soon as we see them, and remember, not everyone has the same offer. 

Right now there is a 1000 huggies wipes (which is $1) and I know some people are using it on the dollar tree small packs (I haven't done that one).

Everyone was snacking on the Klondike shakes (not available by me) and the Good Humor Viennetta (which has decreased in value to $1 now). I did grab the popsicle fruit twisters (which are also only $1 now)