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Fetch and Stop & Shop TP Deal

Core Shopper

Stop & Shop has Scott TP 20 rolls (or paper towels, but not sure of the number of rolls) on sale through the end of today for $13.49 ea. When you spend $30 on participating products you get $7 back at the register instantly. I also had a $1 off Scott digital coupon. Also, Fetch has $5 off Scott products when you spend $25! 

Here's what I did: I bought two Scott toilet paper rolls 20 pk and three Kleenex single boxes for $30.73. $30.73 minus $7 (instant discount) minus $1 (digital coupon) minus $5 (Fetch) = $17.73 for 40 rolls of TP and 3 boxes of tissues!! That's less than $9 for each 20 pk of TP! 

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Re: Fetch and Stop & Shop TP Deal

Deal Master

@LizH4011   I didn't have the Scott offer on my Fetch account.  Nice deal - tissues have gotten expensive and my sons are tissue hoarders!