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Free BIC Razor at Walmart

Deal Master

This Sunday, the Smart Source insert in the paper has a coupon for $3.00 off select BIC razors.  Pair that with the $3.00 Ibotta rebate and you can get it for FREE.

My local weekly paper includes the Smart Source insert and is delivered on Thursdays.  I picked up the BIC Hybrid Flex 3 razor from Walmart for $5.12 last night, making my purchase a $.82 moneymaker, before taxes.

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Re: Free BIC Razor at Walmart


Where do you get your SMARTSOURCE coupons ? 

Only coupons that I have seen is the P&G lol. 


Re: Free BIC Razor at Walmart

Deal Master

There are usually two or three coupon inserts in my Sunday newspaper:

  • Smart Source
  • Save (formally Retail me Not)
  • P&G

Sometimes there is a UniLever Super Saver insert, but I haven't seen them in a while.

Newspapers may or may not have these inserts in their paper.  It depends on the region and whether or not a newspaper is willing to carry them.

The inserts usually take a break on Holiday weekends, so there could be none.


Re: Free BIC Razor at Walmart

Deal Master


Depending on where you lilve, Dollar Tree may carry the paper for $1.

Below is one of the sites that shares the schedule each week and what inserts will be included.  If you click on the insert name, it will list the coupons included in the baooklet.


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Re: Free BIC Razor at Walmart

Rewards Advocate

I got my FREE (actually MM) razors yesterday and the IR has already reset at $3. If you have multiple $3 PQs you could ride the wave 🏄‍♂️ 🌊!!!


Re: Free BIC Razor at Walmart

Super Saver

I got my free Razor today at wm finishing my mid week bonus of $5/15.

I did 3 blue treats, 2 chameleon coffee, Pepsi zero sugar, 3 alcohol rebates, dove mc deodorant, Bic razor, alkaline seltzer cold, Nivea lotion and rice a roni, and yogurt.

Dove MC deodorant was 4.53 - 1 Ibotta- 3 mc = .53

alka-seltzer cold - 6.62 - 1 mc - 2.50 Ibotta = 3.12

Nivea Lotion - 5.84 - 2 mc - 2 Ibotta = 1.84

rice a roni - 1.88 - .40 Ibotta = 1.48

2 light & Fit yogurt - 1.06 - .50/2 Ibotta = .81 each