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Free Coupons from Companies


19 coupons from companies just for asking! Ohio Valley guy has a list in the description box here I will say Stauffers informed me they are "out" of coupons. hmmm anyway, several have already responded. Stack these with Ibotta!

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Hmmm....thanks for this share!!

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@kjseverance21 @poeticmuseI've been meaning to take the time to sit down and fire off some emails to different companies for this very reason. If I could stay out of the dang stores for a day, I could take the time to do it lol. I'm just a very active person and love getting out and about as much as possible. Anyways, thanks for sharing this! Very much appreciate

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Thanks for sharing

Every year once a year I email companies that I use their products and tell them how I like their items and if they could send me a coupon. I have gotten right many coupons that away and also a few samples. Also if I use a product and I don't like it or a product makes me itch or anything else I email that company and tell them so they know and a few companies have sent me coupons for a free full size product or a refund.

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I watched this about 2 weeks ago but haven’t had time to follow up. There have been so many bonuses to follow. The Unilever and poise bonuses with Fetch had me busy in addition to Ibotta.

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All you have to do is write to the companies of the products you use or the items you see in the store (the contact us section of the items website). Most will give them to you, others only give at certain times of the year (just because they say they don't have any now doesn't mean they will not have in the future (They have a budget for coupons if they run out of it they have to wait until the next time around). It's simple you do not need a video to tell you what to do.

Re: Free Coupons from Companies


Thanks so very much for sharing this. I bought a newspaper 2 weekends ago, and there were ad's,  but no coupon inserts. We need coupons, and as many savings as we can get these days. I can't wait to check out this link.