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Free Listerine Mouthwash

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I received an offer an emailed offer for Listerine and a 21-day challenge.  This offer came from Fandango rewards which is connected to Johnson and Johnson Care Club.  

The offer I redeemed was for a $10.00 reward for purchasing $25.00 in Listerine mouthwash and a 21-day challenge for logging in when using product 2x per day for a $5.00 reward after using product for 21 consecutive days. I opened this offer just as Kroger started their $10.00 self-care product rebate. 

  1. I purchased $25.00 worth of Listerine mouthwash
  2. submitted proof of purchase to Fandango Rewards for a $10.00 prepaid Visa
  3. received $10.00 from Kroger's self-care promotion
  4. enrolled in 21-day challenge for an additional $5.00 prepaid Visa to be awarded upon completion. (I am already using this product, too easy) Checking in for the 21-day challenge is simple as logging-in and clicking the check in box 2x per day. no surveys no questions
  5. Combining all rebates and offers makes this a sweet deal Free Listerine.
  6. Total cost of 4 bottles of Listerine $26.36 + tax still not a bad deal


Checkout the Johnson and Johnson Care Club rewards site makes good stacking opportunities when products are offered on Ibotta.  

I apologize for not sharing this sooner, I never opened email until yesterday which was the last day to make qualifying purchase.  


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