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Gift card bonus offer

Rewards Hunter

I notice a bath and bodyworks bonus that you can get by getting $20 or more on giftcards I’m not clear if is in a one gift card or if you can get multiple to complete $20 or more  please advise 

I saw a similar bonus deal for apple bees

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Re: Gift card bonus offer

Deal Ambassador

@Zairi I’m pretty sure it has to be a single transaction of $20 or more but maybe @LaraL can clarify it.

Also, the other offer is for Apple (as in iPhones) and not Applebee’s (restaurant). We had the same discussion in another post. I know the icon is small and hard to tell.

Re: Gift card bonus offer

Shopping Enthusiast


It's a one time offer for a $2.00 bonus.  You must purchase gift card using earrings from your Ibotta account.  You must use the withdraw my funds tab on the account screen. 

Take a good look at the offers you have and verify the retailer. Don't confuse Apple (like the computer) for Applebee's (the place I purchased $200.00 worth of GC's)


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Re: Gift card bonus offer

Rewards Whiz

Hi @Zairi,

As the others touched on, it is a single use bonus. We might restore it and have multiple waves of it, but I don't believe that's the case here. Your best bet is to use one gift card to complete the bonus. 

Re: Gift card bonus offer

Deal Ambassador

@Zairi  Not sure if you ever took advantage of the Apple GC bonus offer but it ends tomorrow (8/30) - well technically in the wee hours of 8/31. Just a friendly reminder…