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Gluten Free Oreos

Deal Master

I was in Walmart this morning (as I am almost every day) and I thought I might try the new Gluten-Free Oreos.  There is a $1.00 Ibotta offer and it should be a good deal to get to my next bonus.  I found them on the cookie aisle and scanned the UPC.  It didn't work.

I realized it was only on the 4.5 oz size.  My Walmart only has the 14 oz size.

I thought it might be at the registers and even asked a Walmart associate that was stocking the register area.  She had never seen these.

Has anyone found the 4.5 oz size of the Gluten-Free Oreos?  Where in the store did you find them?

For that size, I am hoping they will be pretty cheap after the Ibotta rebate.

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Re: Gluten Free Oreos

Skilled Saver

@mmoore01  I'm wondering if it's a typo?  I was looking at that offer last night, but the WM app didn't show that size for me.  Not even seeing a 4.5 oz listed on the Oreo website, just 14.3 oz Double Stuff and 13.29 oz for the regular GF oreo's.  


Re: Gluten Free Oreos

Skilled Saver

I wanted to get these for my mom but I couldn't find them either. Just the 14.1 ounce size. I even looked at Amazon to see if that size was available and it isn't. I too wonder if it's a mistake.