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Re: Hellman's / Best Foods drizzles DEAL STACK

Deal Sharer

I couldn't get the coupons to print over here. No matter--for whatever reason, I have TWO offers for these in my Fetch app. One for 2000 points, the other for 2250. They applied to five purchases each, along with a few extra points because they're Unilever or whatever. And then with $1 each from Ibotta, I made around $10 buying these things.

I heard the garlic one was terrible, and my store only had two others, but I was able to spread the purchases out on Ibotta and still get five offers towards my bonuses, because they reappeared after 24 hours. So I also made another $1 there, and they helped me get halfway to my $10 😄

(FWIW, I tried the two I purchased already. Made myself some fish tacos, and both the jalapeno ranch and cilantro lime worked pretty well on those. Jalapeno was better, but I'm not the world's biggest cilantro fan.)