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Re: Help!!! Swagbucks - Can't Add New Offers

Deal Master

I reached out to someone I have been corresponding with on SB, and they told me they were passing along the 'not being able to add' issue to technical support.  About an hour later it started working.  Perhaps a coincidence, but is rather odd it was broken for 2 days, and then it was fixed shortly after she notified them.

Anyway, I am now able to add via SB again,

It still will not auto-accept my receipt via SB app, and it is almost impossible to submit for review because there is no button anymore.

So I had to submit receipt via TADA app.   It also would not auto-accept, but effortlessly then took me to a screen with a button to submit for review.   Then I got paid in an hour or so.

(What other issues are you all having with SB)

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