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Rewards Hunter

Hi, I'm new to this.

Is there a limit to items on a receipt?

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Re: Hi

Deal Master

@Sharonnga2  Good morning.

Each specific offer will tell you limit 1, limit 2, usually up to a max of 5. If it doesn't say a limit, usually that means 1.  A BOGO (buy one get one free) - requires 2 items.

As for how many offers on 1 receipt, as many as you can find.  (Just of course make sure you select the offer, scan the item, etc, and that you are in the correct store that the offer is available.)

You can combine 2 offers with an ANY - for example Nivea lotion with a .10 Any lotion

Hope this helps!

Re: Hi

Deal Master


Make sure you add offers before you shop to make things easier.  Also, once you redeem an offer, it will leave your gallery.  Then you can't submit again unless it resets  / respawns


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