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Hodo Tofu -$1.01 MM - YMMV

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Hodo Organic Tofu products are on sale at Publix for $4.49.  The MFR site has a $2.50 print coupon, and IB offers a $3.00 rebate (limit 3) for a stacked -$1.01MM each.  The print coupon is good for select retailers, though I can’t recall all of them, as I already redeemed - I grabbed Moroccan, and there is a Spicy Harissa option that looked good.

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Re: Hodo Tofu -$1.01 MM - YMMV

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@cjwoody  Really good deal - just bumping you up to the top a bit -  (you might want to include Publix) in the subject line.

Re: Hodo Tofu -$1.01 MM - YMMV

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Thank you....picked up the Moroccan today.....with the Mahatma Jasmine rice on should be a delicious and "free" meal  🙂