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How deal stack

Rewards Hunter

I'm just learning how to do this. So can someone help me with deal stacking and getting the most out of this app

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Re: How deal stack

Deal Expert

Deal stacking just means buying things on sale and using paper/digital coupons along with ibotta and other rebate apps.

Re: How deal stack

Super Saver

Just an idea for newbies.

deal stacking is getting your savings from multiple sources. This is how I do it.

I start with Ibotta.  Then I go to my regular grocery store - (mine is Kroger) to see what is on sale for this week, then look at all the digital coupons, and then Kroger cash back (KCB). This is all done by downloading that stores app and getting their reward card. I also subscribed to Kroger Krazy coupon Lady and Southern Savers apps for deal strategies. I pair that with the Ibotta rebates, then I check (download the app) to see if there is a coupon available that I missed, either printable or scannable with receipt. I then check Fetch,  Checkout 51 and Shopkick to see if they have extra points for buying those same items. I may have to buy a certain size or quantity that is different from Ibotta. I make my list and go through my coupons (I do buy the newspaper on Sunday if they have enough coupons to justify the cost) Kroger coupon lady and southern savers tells you on Thursday which coupons will be in Sunday’s paper. It is not always 100% accurate, but close. I usually get at least $20 worth of coupons that I know I will use per paper, but I have gone 2 weeks without buying a newspaper. Some of those coupons will be on as printable or Kroger app as digital also.

so I make my list with size and quantity, sale price (or blank if I have never purchased), amount of Ibotta rebate (and Ibotta bonus if it applies), amount of coupon and what kind (paper, digital, store, and other rebates like Fetch, SK.etc to get a final price.

Then I look up how many offers I need to make an Ibotta bonus and write that number on the top of my list. I also look at level bonuses and write that number on my list.

I make a column at the top labeled  Ibotta, paper Coupons and digital coupons. I scan the barcodes before I put in my cart to see if it matches and then add to the count for Ibotta and if I have a paper coupon or digital coupon for that item. I also double check the apps for Ibotta, Fetch or Shopkick to see if the offer is still valid and scan the barcode for SK points. 

i look for free items or moneymakers first, so it will be less out of my pocket to get Ibotta bonuses. I then go to clearance section to see if they have something that is on my list (or something I have a coupon or Ibotta offer) Then I get whatever I need. 

I pay with my Belk MasterCard which gives me rewards for purchasing gas and groceries. I then use those rewards to buy my clothes or gifts for family members. ($60 for May & June) I pay the bill in full each month the day the bill arrives so I pay no interest.

kroger has a fuel rewards program that gives you 1 point for every dollar you spend and has extra events that give you bonus fuel points, like shopping on a particular day or buying gift cards. So I take advantage of those events. Every 100 points saves you .10 a gallon for gas. I save mine and use once a month and save at least $20 a month at the pump ($30 in June). I bought 4 restaurant gift cards for $25 each and it gave me 8x fuel points each time = $25 gave me 200 fuel points which is .20 per gallon savings.

kroger mails me 16 store coupons a month on items that I buy a lot of and one of them is usually a 10% off my total purchase. ($9 off $90 order this month)

I travel a lot and use the gift cards to pay for meals on the road. And I fill up before each trip which pays for over half of my fuel costs and I get at least 2 new outfits to wear on the trip. And I use the leftover Ibotta & rebate apps to pay for my expenses after paying off the credit card.

anything else I need, I go to Walmart and use paper coupons.

I also use CVS and use carepass $48 a year and you get a 20% discount on certain items all month and a $10 coupon to use on anything in the store once a month ($120 value)

I also use Publix mainly for BOGO’s and they offer store coupons which you can add to a mfr coupon and Ibotta.

so that is how you deal stack. Sorry it was so long, but I hope this helps someone.

Re: How deal stack

Deal Master


I think rhat much detail just blew some minds.

You should cut  / paste that somewhere so you can use it again.

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