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Instant Pot stacking opportunity

Core Shopper

If anyone is in the market for an Instant Pot, there are currently offers on both Ibotta and ShopKick:



The Ibotta offer is applicable at both Target and Walmart, as well as some grocery stores. The ShopKick offer might be more limited, because I do not see it included on my Walmart page. But it’s applicable at Target, so there’s at least one location where it’s sure to stack.


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Re: Instant Pot stacking opportunity

Deal Ambassador

I have been eyeing this deal. The Kicks decreased recently. It was $14 in Kicks, but $9 back isn't bad.

The tricky part is the 8-qt. Instant Pot at Target is cheaper online vs. in-store. Not sure how that works--e-receipts with Shopkick and account linking with Ibotta? Maybe just go with the 6-qt if it's sufficient.