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Is it worth it?

Super Saver

My husband asked me if all this couponing and rebating and multiple stores and time spent was worth it?

just yesterday, I went to Publix, Kroger & Walmart. They are all within .5 mile of each other- about 30 miles away from our home.

before coupons and sale prices, I would have spent $465.09

keep in mind that I was also shopping for a neighbor that has not been to any store in 15 months bc of COVID-19. She is extremely high risk and 77 years old - so she gives me her list and I buy whatever is on the list and she reimburses me when I deliver them to her. She doesn’t do a lot of Ibotta offers either - set in her ways, not wanting to try anything new.

I also bought $70 in gift cards in order to get extra fuel points.

-$165 - was reimbursed for her shopping

-$120.23 - coupons and sale prices 

-$10 - used a Fetch Gift Card at Walmart (free $ - all I did was scan receipts)

-$25 - used a Shopkick Gift Card at Walmart (free $ - watch videos and scan receipts)

-$11 - earned through Fetch

-$32.12 - earned through Ibotta

-$4.34 - earned through Shopkick

$97.40 spent myself AND I have a $50 Lowe’s GC and $20 restaurant GC that is already paid for!

So I only spent $27.40  oop on my items

i also earned 600 points through Kellogg’s Family Rewards

150 points through P & G

earned 0.70 for my school through BTFE

and earned 411 Fuel points (.40 off each gallon of gas)

that was just for yesterday’s shopping trip.

$465 worth for $97 and I have $70 in paid gift cards. And I am helping a friend feel safe. I think it is definitely worth it!

what do you think? I want to share your comments with him.

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Re: Is it worth it?

Deal Master

@Janet1964  How many hours of work did you put in?


Re: Is it worth it?


@Janet1964   I find my friends fall into 2 separate camps about the “worth it” debate. In one camp are the “you get what you pay for” people who somehow think getting things on sale devalues them in some way. (Go figure?). In the other are the ones who enjoy a sale when they find it but do not actively seek to save money.

Both camps think I’m crazy and that it takes up too much time to shop multiple stores and submit receipts. Personally I think it’s worth my time. I have a monthly budget and if I stay under it I get to put that money in savings. It’s simple. It doesn’t cost me anything and I enjoy it. But I don’t go into it with a negative opinion and therefore it’s not a negative experience. I can pursue the deals and/or take a break at my leisure.

My cupboards are never empty and I know if I had to I could go at least 2 months without shopping at all. It’s as good as money in the bank and provides a level of security that I otherwise would not be willing to give myself at full retail. I would have to increase my food budget and save less and right now that’s something I would not be willing to do. Discount shopping provides me the luxury of not having to choose. I can do both. 

Re: Is it worth it?

Super Saver

@Icequeen813 about 3 hours planning, 4 hours shopping, 3 hours post shopping. I think Kroger is gonna mess up my order again. They missed 6 offers last week and messed up 3 more. I am still waiting on Ibotta customer service to contact me on that - shorted me 10.20. Yesterday is still pending but missing 5 offers - shorted 9.05 this time. I may have to stop doing Ibotta at Kroger if this doesn’t stop. I scan every item in the store to confirm a match, submit my receipt in the store or parking lot, Scan all the barcodes, screenshot my offers before I hit submit, take pics of my full receipt and take pics of all Ibotta Offers including the barcodes when I get home. I don’t know what else to do. It shouldn’t be this hard! Like @Dana says, it’s not rocket science.

Re: Is it worth it?

Core Shopper

I 100% think its worth it. 


Most of my planning is done watching tv after work, workout, and dinner so I had the time anyways.  I work 5 min from most stores and 15 from all of the others. Add in some field agent offers and its golden. 


Also I just like it. Trying new stuff and saving money. 

Re: Is it worth it?

Shopping Enthusiast


It is worth both the time and effort.  I don't put in as much time planning but when I do shop at kroger's I try to maximize my rewards. 

  • Buy prepaid Visa when fuel points are 4X
  • Clip digital / paper coupons 
  • Shop 5/5 specials
  • Frequently check cash back offers

In the end the rewards make it worth it.  Especially when I have discounts / rewards I can use for fuel. My truck takes 31 gallons and any time I can top off for less than $78.00 it is worth it. 

Seasons change, gray skies will turn blue.

Re: Is it worth it?


WOW! You are killin it! YES, it is absolutely worth it! If you can get something for nothing or half off or be rewarded for what you normally would do, it's always worth it! Combining offers from different resources is not only being thrifty but it's like a fun game where you get rewarded by saving money or like here with Ibotta, earn money!

You should take him with you on a mini shop one time to show him how cool it really is! 😉

Re: Is it worth it?

Super Saver


Oh no, he takes me sometimes but he always puts things in my cart that are not on the list and he cost me money. 😂 

Re: Is it worth it?

Core Shopper

@Janet1964 Lol, yes, savings-shopping with someone who’s not on the same page, can be more trouble that it’s worth. 🙂SoCalHal_0-1618797599116.gif