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Jason Body Wash

Deal Sharer

Buy two 30oz Jason Body washes at Walmart and get $4.00 back on ibotta and earn 800SB on Swagbucks and there are $1 off coupons here: (I follow couponers online and one of them was able to use two of the paper coupons in one transaction without any issues). With all the coupons/rebates that makes your total $3.96 before taxes (which I don't think is too bad for two decent sized bottles of body wash).

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Re: Jason Body Wash

Deal Sharer

I've thought about doing that very thing, I just haven't done it since we usually end up shopping at the Neighborhood Market that is very close to us rather than the Supercenter. Maybe someday I'll get it done. I wasn't aware of the coupons though, thanks!

Re: Jason Body Wash

Deal Master

Sometimes I feel like moving somewhere where I could actually get more than 15% of all ibotta deals offered @ WM.

But they would have to have a Kroger too though.  😀

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