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Kona Beer Score using Any Grocery and BYBE

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This is a “for future reference” post for anyone who was wondering about how the “Any Grocery Store” can come in handy…

Safeway had a weekend deal: $5 Kona Big Wave 6 packs (max 4). A great deal on its own at less than a dollar a beer. Naturally I checked Ibotta and the only stores listed offering an IR were WM and “Any Grocery” offering 1.50IR up to 5x. BYBE also offered a $2 rebate off one 6-pack. I bought three 6-packs.

Here’s how it turned out:

3x5=15-4.50IR-2BYBE=8.50 for 18 bottles or .42 per bottle (pre-tax)

A terrific deal considering the cheapest everyday price for a 6-pack is $8.50 at Total Wine or 9.27 at WM. It ended up like a B1G2! 
Cheers! 🍺 



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Re: Kona Beer Score using Any Grocery and BYBE

Deal Sharer

Grabbed this one over the weekend as well. These are great to watch out for--previously Safeway had a deal on Crook and Marker that combined with both Aisle and BYBE (both still available/available again, BTW! $5 back each!)