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Kroger: 3 Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple 12-Packs +20 oz - $3.31

Deal Master

This deal requires Swagbucks, Coupons.Com App, Checkout51, and DQ

Check your offers

1)  Clip CDC rebate for $3 WYB3 Pepsi products.  MUST BE CLIPPED PRIOR TO PURCHASE

2 ) Clip the two DQs below from Kroger. 

3) WDD this week for the MD Thrashed Apple - $2.77 each (limit 5).  For 3:  $2.77 each X3 = $8.31

  • SB:      $1 (100 SB) WYB3 Mountain Dew
  • C51: - $1 WYB3 Mountain Dew
  • CDC:  $3 WYB3 Pepsi Products

4)  After the $5 in rebates, it is $3.31 for all three 12-packs.  If you have the DQ for the 20-oz, that will be free as well.  You could purchase a 4th/5th 12-pack and they would cost you the full $2.77 for each of them.


Rickibotta_0-1652509286061.png      Rickibotta_1-1652509351959.png

I have been credited for all rebates, and I received as outlined above.

My Kroger receipt is formatted such that it includes $1 as ecpn offset to the left to reduce to the $2.77 , so any manual review may fail based on that.


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