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Kroger Fetch Stack 10-30

Rewards Advocate

912D5E7B-CDCF-48E3-9FE5-34DF048C1739.jpegThis was for both the Klondike bogo and the Fetch Unilever - with the Garnier thrown in to get the $1 off WYB5.

After rebates, my total was 1.99 (pre-tax)

  • Klondike 3.49x2-3.49 (bogo rebate)=3.49 for both
  • Dove Men Body Wash 4.99x2-$1WYB5x2-2.50PQx2=2.98 for both
  • Dove shampoo 3.99x2-$1WYB5x2-3PQ=2.98 for both 
  • Dove Men large size 2-in-1                3.79 (clearance)-2PQ=1.79
  • Garnier conditioner 3.99-$1WYB5-2PQ=.99
  • Total 12.23-10.24(Fetch Unilever Rebate)=1.99 for all
  • This was a good learning experience with the Fetch deal. I didn’t realize that the Unilever 20,000 rewards was cumulative across receipts and that Fetch pulled the value of the items pre-coupons. Had I known that I would’ve probably structured the deal a bit differently to make it a MM. But 2.06 for all was still a decent deal.