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Kroger-gilbert craft sausage

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Really good deal on Gilbert's Craft sausage on sale 2 for $7. KCB of .75 on 2, and Ibotta $1.50 on each making them $1.62 each.

I'm super excited as I love these grilled and they are normally $7-8 bucks per pack. I would never spend this much on them but have been willing to spend $4 per pack on sale. I. Hoping hoping the offer resets so I can stock up more!

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Re: Kroger-gilbert craft sausage

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I got ibotta deal a year or more ago, and I redeemed it twice, and I haven't gotten another IR offer since.

Love them for $2 or under a pack.  Good taste.

For those who don't know:

  • Long expiration date
  • Individually perforated - avoids spoilage
  • Microwaves in around 30 seconds
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Re: Kroger-gilbert craft sausage

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Kroger shoppers...I bought the Gilbert sausage at frys 2 days ago and the offers reset in both the KCB (.75 back on2), and on Ibotta (1.50 back on each) they are still on sale at Frys 2/$7 so is a really really good deal on them. I just picked up 2 more boxes. I was surprised to see it reset and so quickly on KCB. I didn't think it would reset at all on KCB and was hoping it would on Ibotta at the same offer of $1.50 each.