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Kroger triple play bonus sweep

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Screenshot_20210609-214032.pngThis was one of my quickest Ibotta shopping trips, maybe THE QUICKEST ever, because I was dead set on buying 3 very particular items, of course all carrying Ibotta cash back, and I knew just where to go. I only needed to complete 3 offers for my MW2M ($5) & JUST TWO MORE for my Grand Slam ($10) and I was itching to get both at the same time.

To make a long story short, as Hannibal Smith would say on every episode of the A-Team, I LOVE IT when a plan comes together. As a little bonus, I got a 1-ticket sweep of a brand bonus (Philly cream cheese/Thomas bagels). Granted the base cash back for both items was just a whopping quarter apiece and the bonus was merely a half buckaroo.

Still, after spending $12.52 I earned $17 in just Ibotta cash back. 

I also got a very token 50 points from Fetch Rewards for the Thomas bagels


Finally in 2 days max I'm anticipating a first time Ibotta-Kroger McSTACKsky


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Re: Kroger triple play bonus sweep

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Well my expected Kroger cash back for Lightlife plant based meat substitute meatballs came through today or yesterday, so a first time Ibotta-Kroger McSTACKsky is officially in the books for me

In the meantime I forgot how cool the Thomas everything bagels are. No flaxseed like on Dave's Killer Bread everything bagels but the onion bits on Thomas everything bagels rock. This is only the second time I ever bought Thomas everything bagels, and both times I got them for Ibotta cash back AND they were part of brand bonuses