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Makeup at Walmart

Super Saver

Have you seen the Loreal stacks?

At walmart

Ibotta has 3 offers for $2 each - on face, lip and eye.

Shopkick has 3 offers - $2 on Age perfect lipstick and 3.20 on age perfect mascara and face.

checkout 51 has two offers - 2.49 on face and 1.65 on lip gloss.

looks like the weekend to stock up on makeup.

add that to the 3 Rimmel offers 

rimmel lip 2.65 Ibotta plus 1 insert coupon.

rimmel face 2.50 Ibotta plus 1 insert coupon.

rimmel eye 2.25 Ibotta plus 2 insert coupon.

and revlon face makeup has a 5 Ibotta.