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making the most of NO MWH 11-22-21

Deal Expert


when there are no bonuses to chase in a 3-4 day period or if the bonus is just 8-10/$1 I'll go relatively slow completing few offers but I would try to get as much bang as possible from most and maybe every offer I complete, whether it's a McSTACKsky, FAO or - less important - planting a 🇺🇸 for or finishing a brand bonus.



I also got an identical $1 payout from Kroger for the small bag of Parm Crisps.

However, Ibotta failed to credit me for purchasing 2 Rice-a-roni heat and eat packets and instead incorrectly credited me with TWO Parm Crisps in plastic containers ($5.99 with $2 cash back) and I reported all that to Ibotta Care. Eventually by Wednesday Ibotta not only credited me for the 2 Rice-a-roni packets but DIDN'T WITHDRAW the incorrectly awarded Parm Crisps credit