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Manufactures coupons


Why would Ibotta stop allowing the use of manufactures coupons as long as you only try to collect cash back from one app?? The store gets reimbursed for the coupon plus a handling fee. I can understand not wanting you to use both ibotta and Walmart apps or store coupons but????  I’m lost!

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Re: Manufactures coupons

Rewards Hunter

Yeah, that doesn’t make sense. 🤷🏼‍♀️


Re: Manufactures coupons

Skilled Saver

@Lennylou Ibotta gets paid by these companies for  advertising their products through offers. If the company’s have realized that we double dip they may have asked them to change the terms. 

Re: Manufactures coupons

Core Shopper


I think it's because the mfg coupon, store coupon, ibotta money etc is all coming from the company.  If you notice some of the offers are identical to the coupon value.  Hence if you stack between all the apps/ mfg coupons wouldn't the company be paying the individual more then the cost of the item which is not what the result intended. So by disallowing the mfg coupon they at least cut some of the losses from the stackers.  I'm sure if couponers we're still paying they might not care as much.  Think you have $100 product but end of day instead of net zero after rebate you end up paying $200.  On a tax return/ to the company it/you will likely be flag how can your rebates total be more then the price of the item.

I can see that some day these company may link all the apps to make sure no one is double dipping.  You know some folk disregard the rules thinking they can't be verified due to cost for company to do this but technology is there which can be a simple program to do it (if the comapny puts it in the contracts these apps will implement). Example receipt with no coupon will gets ibotta offer, fetch offer, CDC, Swagbucks, CO51 etc excluding promotions that don't show on the receipt like ecb CVS.