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My first CheckOut51-Ibotta-Swagbucks McSTACKsky

Deal Expert




I've scored 2 CheckOut51-Swagbucks McSTACKsky's with GFB Bites. Then during the previous CheckOut51 offer period (12A Thursday to 1159P Wednesday) Swagbucks totally yanked it and CheckOut51 required the purchase of 2 - them boogers ain't cheap (usually $4.99 but discounted $4.29).

The 2 times I scored a CheckOut51-Swagbucks double play, they were both Kroger exclusive - fine, Kroger has become my go-to place. During the 2nd double play Ibotta offered cash back for it but it was Publix exclusive. 

Well yesterday Swagbucks brought it back, CheckOut51 ditched the buy 2 requirement - triple HUZZAHs!🥳🤩 - and both dispensed with making it Kroger exclusive, which was great because it's still Publix exclusive 

Talk about harmonic convergence! After spending $4.29 on this bag of GFB Bites I got $1.50 apiece from THREE different apps, leaving me a microscopic profit 

After spending roughly $12-13 at Publix yesterday I earned $2.60 from Ibotta. Add $3 total on a CheckOut51-Swagbucks McSTACKsky and $1 from CheckOut51 for a bottle of Voss water and my 2OP is less than half of total spent