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My Life Style

Rewards Hunter

What's up everybody I'm new here. I'm going to talk about my life style. I like to play basketball and football, also I like to look at cars.

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Re: My Life Style

Deal Master

Welcome to the Ibotta Community.

The Ibotta Community is made up of Ibotta users.  We do not work for Ibotta.  But we are willing to help those who are new to Ibotta and saving at the store.

Do you use any other savings apps besides Ibotta?  I use Fetch, Shopkicks, Swagbucks, Coin Out and Checkout 51.

I am not sure how these apps will help you with basketball, football and cars, but we can try.

Re: My Life Style

Deal Master


wc Jelly.  I used to do the football/basketball/baseball thing real hard.   Now I be old.

Three days ago, I spent two or three hours cutting down little mulberry trees out of my fenceline, and now I am struggling to sit down and get up.  My upper thighs are particularly hating it.  It is like skipping leg day for several years and then going extra hard one day.

tl;dr.   Play like he-ll and run all you can while you are young.  Do some ultimate frisbee too.

“about me: Suburbs of Indianapolis Indiana. BOILER UP!! Favorite stores: Kroger & Meijer"

Re: My Life Style

Deal Expert

I always liked the Porsche 928.

Watched the Knicks beat the Pelicans yesterday, Julius and Zion were dueling. 


Re: My Life Style

Skilled Saver


Actually, I have always been a fan of basketball, but I can’t play worth a toot! I have been married for 46 years now, and I would just leave  the room when my husband  and kids watched football. Three years ago, I decided why not? Once I learned the game, I am now a fan!

Otherwise, my hobbies include piano, traveling, shopping, fashion, and interior design. but essentially it’s all wrapped up in my husband, 3 kids, and 2 grandsons!!!