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New and 2nd-time Ibotta-Kroger McSTACKsky's

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Last time I bought Cacique queso I was hoping for my first Ibotta-Kroger McSTACKsky but it just wasn't to be for whatever reason. Ibotta and Kroger both just stiffed me on the cash back I expected. Didn't have a way to jump on chili with Kroger but of course I did with Ibotta care, had to wait 2-3 days then finally no offer credit but 1 courtesy-consolation buckaroo, which was the cash back offer amount anyway

This time I got the offer credit AND the expected 1 buckaroo cash back from Ibotta with no 'fuss'r'muss' and hopefully Kroger will follow suit next 2-3 days 

Just like last time Kroger required the purchase of TWO Pace picante sauces to get a whoppin' 'fitteh cent' cash back while Ibotta offered 50¢/per unit, with no requirement to buy any particular size. 

Just like the last time I bought 2 medium jars, which also like the last time were on sale at 2 for $3. The $1 I expected from Ibotta came through rather quickly then in 2-3 days I can expect 'fitteh cent' from Kroger



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Re: New and 2nd-time Ibotta-Kroger McSTACKsky's

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