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New and 3rd X Ibotta-Kroger McSTACKsky's and TWO AWAY from Pumpkin bonus

Deal Expert




I got the Blake's seed bar box because the Kroger cash back offer is expiring the next time the clock strikes midnight, but for all I know a new offer will be on deck the next day.  Anyway this is the first time I bought and tried the raspberry one, I dare say it may be better than the s'mores one. Anyway, when a Blake's bar multi pack costs essentially 8 buckaroos it's pretty darn sweet to get 2 buckaroos apiece from both Ibotta AND Kroger

The Kroger where I just got a Blake's bar multi pack also seems to be the only one in the entire Atlanta that carries SINGLE bottles of Evolve shakes.  It was already discounted $1.50 down to $2.49, but with $1.50 cash back apiece from both Ibotta AND Kroger this is a minimum 40-46¢ money maker

Ultimately, after completing 4 offers spending just over $7 at Publix earlier today I'm now just TWO offers away from the Pumpkin bonus