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Re: New Fetch Deal at WM?

Deal Expert

09/08 may indicate the last day to make an initial qualifying offer. I phrase it this way because, based on what we know, once the counter is activated, say a user makes a purchase on 09/07, maybe their counter will exceed 09/08 in duration for a standard set of number days to see completion

Or an initial purchase on 09/07 would still result in a 09/08 finale. Right now there doesn't seem to be any clarity. The cutoff I see I guess could be extended as it already has. 






Re: New Fetch Deal at WM?

Deal Master


Do u mean the Unilever one?  There is only one offer that I know of, and it seems to be triggered by purchasing a Unilever item.  Mine popped up a few weeks ago when I bought breyers ice cream. @Dean 

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